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  • We are a group of friends that love photography
    • James got his first DSLR camera in 2008 on Asia (Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Phuket) trip that we went on as a group of friends
  • We have been shooting for businesses for over 5 years
    • Experience in shooting portrait, fashion, products.
  • We love shooting pretty much anything. However, being freelancers it can be hard to find time/energy to have fun and just kind of “shoot for yourself” and not have it be about business.  This blog is to address that. Good way to keep photography interesting and fresh.
  • We’ve been contemplating on what type of blog we would be making. Tutorials or just sharing pictures? We thought why not try to incorporate both.
  • Purpose of this blog is to document and share our growing experience.
    • To grow our photography skills and keep things diverse as possible we have chosen to write our blog posts to revolve primarily around Viewbug’s photo competitions
      • We believe the best growing experiences is to do things out of your realm; this has become our approach to our photography. Viewbug is a good avenue to achieve that, as submissions will vary in goals and subject matter.
      • We love Viewbug because entries require us to be diverse and think conceptually. We will break down our thought and technical processes for each submission.
    • We hope that you will follow us through our blog and we encourage all photographers at whatever level to join Viewbug competitions and share your entries and experiences with us.

About Roarshack

Chris: Graduated in Marketing @ York University.

  • I see myself as a person who’s grown up on computers; I always seemed to gravitate to tech, sci-fi and video games. I loved making web pages when I was a kid, playing with early versions of Photoshop and Flash to make my webpages look more appealing.
  • Photography didn’t become an instant interest for me. It probably wasn’t till I was introduced to the possibilities of digital photography and started playing around with James’ DSLR, did I really start to appreciate the creative and technical aspects behind a great shot.
  • I look forward to getting some feedback and hopefully everyone can get something positive out of this blog.

James: Graduated in Design @ OCAD

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